Why Pretend Play

Children need a healthy balance of play and academics in order to develop healthy bodies and minds.


The World of Kidtropolis® understands what children need. When children are happy, healthy, inspired and engaged, they learn better, socialize better, sleep better, laugh more, cry less, solve problems better and have more ways to express themselves well.




The World of Kidtropolis® is founded on the belief in the power of imaginative, experimental play to support robust, creative childhood development and happy, healthy children. In the pretend city, children learn to understand and manage social interactions, team work, self-confidence, independence and practical life skills, such as:




Emotional Management 


Social Interaction


These are skills that cannot necessarily be taught by caregivers, but rather skills that the child develops on their own. Much of a child’s development is acquired through meaningful play. Through active free play, a child starts to build many of the foundational life skills that they will need to be successful in their lifetime.


We want to share our belief in the importance of imagination and pretend play, educating parents in different communities on how to achieve it. Therefore, we are ready to share our passion and know-how of The World of Kidtropolis®.