Bringing families together
since 2016.

The perfect environment for parents and caregivers to bond with their children by participating together in pretend play.


Kidtropolis is an interactive Pretend City model at 18,000 sf, designed to provide a safe, unique and realistic educational environment for kids to Pretend Play.


About Ginny

President & CEO, Mother of Two

Ginny is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the the World of Kidtropolis since it was incorporated in 2014. Her primary responsibility is to provide strategic leadership with respect to the continuing growth and business development. 

Ginny works with other members of the senior management team to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies.

Prior to her involvement with the World of Kidtropolis, Ginny was the president and owner of Crayon Box Learning Center, who owned and operated a franchised CEFA junior kindergarten school since 2009.

Ginny has over 23 years’ experience in sales, operations and business development for Fortune 100 & 500 companies within the professional services, healthcare, telecommunications and technology sectors. 


The World of Kidtropolis® is so much more than a business because there are so many different elements that revolve around family life and community life. We provide a gathering place for families, schools, church groups, and fundraising groups.


— Ginny Lam
President & CEO of Kidtropolis, Mom of two