be the inspiration.

When you educate children and believe in them, you empower them to go after their dreams.


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Kidtropolis is...

A place that brings families together;
The spark in a child’s eye as they discover something new;
Where education meets entertainment;
Gathering and giving back to local communities;

… …

or just simply, a place to tired out your high-energy children.

Now you can be the creator of all of these.


The Children Entertainment Industry: 
Parents like Education+Play.

The demand for high quality child entertainment continues to increase across the world. Opportunities to take advantage of the creative way of learning at Kidtropolis are available in select markets in Canada. Even in a challenging economic environment, we find that families are willing to invest in the entertainment of their young children, especially where there’s meaningful education to the entertainment.

As a Kidtropolis Franchise Investor, you will be at the forefront of our Entertainment industry, setting the standard for the early education field. Moreover, you will have the support of an experienced organization to help you succeed in this evolving and increasingly competitive field.


Why should I become a franchise investor?

We are an all Canadian company with a proven track record of success. Our team is capable of leading generation support through social media, website design/content and local event support. As a franchise investor, you will be guaranteed high-quality product and equipment supply chains. We also partake in national sponsorships and partnership to promote The World of Kidtropolis.


Fulfil Your Passion

You can influence children to learn and be the best they can be, while you make it a successful entrepreneurial business. It is our goal to help entrepreneurs build a strong business foundation by bringing success and fulfillment to our franchise & investment partners.


Build Communities

Giving back to the community and raising awareness for local cause is an integral part of our business model. We actively participate as members of the community by providing a gathering place for families, schools, church groups, and fundraising groups.


Rewarding Result

Besides financial return, nothing is more rewarding than empowering a world full of children with rich imaginations, creativity, capability and a strong sense of family and community, helping children and parents reconnect and build strong families.


As a Kidtropolis Franchise Investor, you are not only a business owner, but also an inspirational figure who combines the world of education with fun, empowering children to follow their imagination.



Western Canada

  • Surrey, BC

  • Langley, BC

  • Abbotsford, BC

  • Kelowna, BC

  • Kamloops, BC

  • Nanaimo, BC

  • Victoria, BC

  • Calgary, AB

  • Edmonton, AB

  • Winnipeg, MN

Eastern Canada

  • Toronto, ON 

  • Halifax, NS


A Pretend City with Many Operational Opportunities


The Franchise Path

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